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Using No Touch Safety Tools Can Reduce Work Related Employee Injuries

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Safe-T-Stik Hands Free Magnetic Load Control and Positioning Tools

rigid push pull suspended load control tools and hands free safety tools

It's been proven time and time again, thinking ahead, working smart and using the right tools for the job drastically improve employee moral and the companies bottom line. Safe-T-Stik is the leader when it comes to "No Touch" or "Hands Free" material handling operations. Our No Touch rigid magnetic tag lines and pulling tools will Elevate your employee's safety and productivity to a new level.

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Sling-Stik Hands Off Load Control and Positioning

sling-stik sling grabber rigid push pull suspended load control tools and hands free safety tools

It's time to get Hands Off when it comes to controlling and positioning suspended loads. Sling-Stik is an innovative solution that improves employee safety when it comes to suspended load control. Staying out of the fall zone and keeping hands off is critical to safety. Sling-Stik was developed by ADAMAR Industries to solve suspended load control issues as it relates to controlling non-magnetic or other large, heavy or potentially dangerous suspended loads. The Sling-Stik has proprietary interchangeable sling hooks that allow various sizes of chain, wire rope, rebar, steel, D-Rings, welded hard points and more to pass through the opening and remain within the grip of the sling hook. The Sling-Stik enables the user to move freely and move with the suspended load while keeping pressure or push/pull forces on the attachment point for precise and safer hands off suspended load control.

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Magna-Grab - A Portable Magnetic Tag Line Anchor Point, Magnetic Retrieval Tool and Magnetic Hand Safety Tool For Material Handling All-In-One!

multi-use magnetic tag line, tether, retrieval and hand safety tools

Magna-Grab is quickly becoming popular as a multi-use magnetic tag line or tether anchor point. It can be attached to a 4" diameter area on most any steel objects or parts being lifted. Many times steel plate and other objects don't have optimal tag line attach points. Magna-Grab solves this problem and more. Magna-Grab is also a long reach magnetic retrieval tool. Great for use in wells, vats, tanks, trenches and other confined spaces. When tools or other steel parts are accidentally dropped, Magna-Grab comes to the rescue, easily attaching to and lifting steel tools, parts and pieces. Magna-Grab is also a great short reach magnetic material handling and positioning hand safety tool. Easy to attach and remove, with a grip force of over 500 LBS!

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Multi-Grab - Super Powerful, Multi-Use, Magnetic Hand Safety Tool For Material Handling, Positioning and Lifting!

multi-grab multi-use magnetic hand safety tools

The Multi-Grab line of magnetic hand tools are perfect for material handling, holding, load control, guiding, pushing and pulling steel objects. Keep hands and fingers away from hazardous crush, pinch and cut points.

Multi-Grab tools come in various models, some work better in certain applications vs others. The Multi-Grab II and III are great for load control and positioning work. The Multi-Grab IV is the best choice for all around work, it is the best option for pushing, pulling and lifting parts from work areas and can also be used in many load control and positioning applications. The Multi-Grab IV also has a built in lever release design for easier and more straight forward magnet release.

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Talon - A Versatile Dual Hook Hand Safety Tool That Grabs, Hooks, Picks, Pushes and Pulls!

talon is a dual hook hand safety tool for material handling, pushing, pulling, hooking, picking and guiding suspended loads and materials. Avoid cut, pinch and crush hazards. Hand Safety Tools.

The Talon is a new and innovative hands free safety tool created by ADAMAR Industries. This tool is built with precision and quality in the USA. With it's unique dual hook design, users can quickly and easily grab, hook, push, pull and pick without putting hands on objects or near areas where cut, pinch and crush hazards exist. Grab, pull and position chain, wire rope, rebar, rope, pipe, tubulars, beams, wire mesh and more... The Talon is a tough, lightweight and compact no-touch safety tool that keeps workers hands and fingers away from hazards. The Talon dual hook is easily installed and assembled with a 3/8 stainless steel cap screw and the provided 5/16 inch allen wrench.

The Talon has found use in the precast concrete manufacturing industry for rebar mesh and prefabricated rebar forms that are put into molds. It has also proven useful in oil industry on drill rigs for picking elevator latches to avoid hand and finger injuries. The Talon's dual hook design allows for hooking on one side and more of a pick style hook on the other, giving the user more versatility.

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Grappler - The Hands Off, Hook, Snag, Push, Pull & Guide Tool.

grappler hand safety hook tool for material handling and suspended load safety. Rigging placement tool

The Grappler is a new, lightweight, strong and highly versatile hand tool with multiple uses. Hook, Snag, Grab, Push, Pull and Guide suspended loads, rigging, chain, small pipe, tube, rebar, assemblies, equipment, parts, components and more. Keep employee's hands off and away from pinch, crush and cut hazards. Available in 3 stock sizes: 18 inches, 26 inches and 34 inches. Custom lengths available.

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Tag Line Ropes - Premium Quality, Made in USA.

tagline ropes for controling suspended loads

Our Tag-Rite tagline ropes are hand made from 1/2 inch double braid polyester yarn that's Made in USA. Our proprietary precision machined aluminum eyelet attachment tip takes tag lines to the next level of performance and durability. Each tagline rope comes with a 3/8 inch snap hook. The soft 1/2 inch rope feels right in your hand and the double braided texture gives the grip you need. Comes in 10, 25, 50 and 75 foot lengths. Custom lengths available upon request.


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