Safe-T-Stik Hands off, No Touch magnetic load control safety tools are the only way to go when positioning heavy steel objects such as road plate, shoring, steel plate, large assemblies, large parts, large motors and other heavy steel objects. Accidents, injuries and deaths can be prevented in many instances by using our Safe-T-Stik products. Keep your employees hands and bodies away from dangerous crush, pinch and fall areas in the workplace by using our proven no touch safety tools and solutions.

magnetic suspended load control and positioning safety tools - load control magnet

When people, equipment and your reputation are on the line, every safety precaution must be taken. Safe-T-Stik introduces a new level of safety when it comes to moving heavy, large and hazardous steel objects. There's no need for a worker to come in contact with heavy, unforgiving steel objects in the hazardous movement process.

Features and Benefits

  • 54 inches long
  • Strong, durable and easy to use
  • Lightweight and super tough (5 lbs)
  • No hands or feet touching or near hazardous objects
  • Durable, hi-vis, abrasion resistant, no-slip grip fiberglass tool handle
  • Adjustable t-handle (rotates 90°)
  • Precision CNC aluminium parts allow full range of motion
  • Over 500 LBS of magnetic pull force!
  • Push and pull loads being lifted or positioned
  • Bright orange color and reflective bands for night work
  • UV inhibitors make it weather resistant
  • Costs way less than an accident or ER visit
  • Patented and proven design in use all across the U.S.A. and abroad
  • U.S. Patent 9,975,254
  • Safe-T-Stik allows a worker to be in a safer position, well away from the trench plate, trench, heavy equipment and other obstacles. Even more, Safe-T-Stik allows the worker to remain "hands free" and feel more confident by allowing him to have a better view of the entire work area and sure control of the object being positioned.

    Safe-T-Stik is built with FRP tube and fiberglass rod, both very light and strong and not a very good conductor of electricity. Our dual action swivle allows a worker freedom of movement in many situations without giving up any control. Our custom super magnet has a pull force of greater than 400 pounds and is easy to attach and remove steel.

    Durable, Hi-Vis, Abrasion Resistant, No-Slip Grip Fiberglass Tool Handle

    Safe-T-Stik products come with a more robust and durable tool handle that is bright orange and up for the demanding jobs ahead. A custom grip pattern is molded on 3 sides running the entire length of the tool handle improving the grip and protecting the FRP tube inside.

    durable, abraision resistant no-slip grip tool handle by ADAMAR Industries

    Safe-T-Stik is your Hands Free Safety Solution

    Complacency has no place in hazardous work environments where one mistake, one failure, one oversight can cause a serious injury or death. There have been serious injuries and many close calls when it comes to moving trench plate and road plate, shoring, shipping containers and other large heavy steel objects. There have also been many incidents where heavy equipment and property have been damaged, causing expensive repairs and delays.

    Below are some direct quotes from an OSHA board member and long time safety manager of a national heavy equipment and traffic safety company.

    Employers are required to instruct employees in the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions in order to control or eliminate hazards or other exposure to injury (29CFR1926.21(b)(2)). Handling and/or positioning large metal objects such as steel plates or trench shoring places workers in direct contact with hazards that can lead to serious catastrophic injury or death. The Safe-T-Stik allows workers to distance themselves from these danger zones while providing increased handling strength for better control and maximum productivity. The only true way to avoid the hazards created by these objects is to separate the worker from the risk. The Safe-T-Stik provides that separation with an increased level of safety that is unmatched by any other product.

    Tony Radke - National Safety Manager, ANSI Member, International Technical Safety Expert and Trainer

    Safe-T-Stik is an extremely affordable and easy to use hands free safety tool. When it comes to moving large, heavy, potentially hazardous steel objects, one injury or accident can cost thousands of dollars and a serious one can cost hundreds of thousands. Don't take chances with employee safety choose Safe-T-Stik as your hands free, no-touch safety solution.

    magnetic suspended load control and positioning safety tools - load control magnet

    SAFE-T-STIK Load Control Magnet Safety Tools Are Easy To Use and Super Strong!

    Safe-T-Stik Hands off, No Touch magnetic load control safety tools are Easy To Use! Our load control magnet tools are always on, light weight, strong and ready to work day in, day out. Our products come in many sizes with different grip or handle options as well as various lengths. Users can attach our magnetic load control tools to most any steel object before it is hoisted or lifted and control the load throughout the process or, attach our load control magnet tools at any point during the suspended load operation. SAFE-T-STIK magnetic load control tools are versatile and can be attached and removed quickly and easily. With over 500 pounds of magnetic holding power event the heaviest loads can be maneuvered and positioned with incredible precision and minimal human force.