Safe-T-Stik Hands Free Magnetic Load Control and Positioning Tools

rigid push pull suspended load control tools and hands free safety tools

It's been proven time and time again, thinking ahead, working smart and using the right tools for the job drastically improve employee moral and the companies bottom line. Safe-T-Stik is the leader when it comes to "No Touch" or "Hands Free" material handling operations. Our No Touch rigid magnetic suspended load control guiding and positioning tools as well as our vertical lifting and pulling tools will Elevate your employee's safety and productivity to a new level.

magnetic suspended load control and positioning safety tools - load control magnet

When people, equipment and your reputation are on the line, every safety precaution must be taken. Safe-T-Stik introduces a new level of safety when it comes to moving heavy, large and hazardous steel objects. There's no need for a worker to come in contact with heavy, unforgiving steel objects in the hazardous movement process.

Features and Benefits

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