Multi-grab portable magnetic tag line tether anchor point load control

Features and Benefits

  • Strong, durable and easy to use
  • Lightweight and super tough (3 lbs)
  • Comes in locking and non-locking models
  • Pivots 180° and rotates 360°
  • Super durable and strong D-Handle grip
  • Keep fingers and hands away from dangerous pinch or crush points
  • One light weight, compact tool is all that is needed
  • Precision CNC aluminium manufacturing
  • Over 500 LBS of magnetic pull force!
  • Easy to attach almost anywhere, push sideways on handle to remove.
  • Use as a positioning and holding tool
  • Use as a lifting tool for 60 LBS or less
  • Use as a hand safety no-touch magnetic material handling tool
  • Use as a close up suspended load control and positioning device
  • Fits in truck boxes and tool boxes
  • Costs way less than an accident or ER visit
  • Made in U.S.A.

Multi-Grab is a multi-purpose, multi-use magnetic hand safety tool with many uses and applications. It is a perfect choice for steel fabrication shops, steel mills, machine shops, manufacturing and many other industries. Multi-Grab comes in 2 models: MG002 (non-locking) and MG003 (locking). The stainless steel spring locking pin can be disengaged and placed in a detent so that the handle pivots 180° or can be locked in the straight position. This gives the MG003 model a wider range of usage and possibilities.

Multi-Grab is currently in a wide variety of industries and is instrumental in keeping employees hands and fingers away from dangerous crush and pinch points in many operations. Multi-Grab is tough and durable and can last years. It's also light weight and compact so it will go and fit just about anywhere you need it. The Multi-Grab magnet produces just over 500 LBS of pull force or grip strength! We do not recommended lifting more than 60 LBS by human power for safety reasons.

Multi-Grab has been used as a magnetic material handling, positioning, holding and pick up tool in many industries. Multi-Grab is a unique magnetic hand safety tool ready for the challenging work you do, the possibilities are endless.

Why Should Your Company Use Multi-Grab

Safety is the number one reason! When your employees are working with potentially dangerous equipment, parts or in work areas where finger and hand injury potential exists, you need a hand safety tool. The Multi-Grab is strong, durable, versatile, easy to use, light weight and super strong and it goes where you don't want to put your fingers or hands. A hand safety tool can be replaced, and employees fingers, hands and quality of life cannot.

Keeping workers safe and productive is critically important. Multi-Grab is small, fits almost anywhere, deploys in seconds and can be utilized in so many ways to keep production and your business moving forward. Multi-Grab is an extremely cost effective no-touch magnetic hand safety tool.

Download The Multi-Grab Brochure Here