Features and Benefits

  • Strong, durable and easy to use
  • Lightweight and super tough
  • Comes in locking and non-locking models
  • MULTI-GRAB IV has EZ lever release for ease of use
  • Pivots 180° and rotates 360°
  • Super durable and strong D-Handle grip
  • Keep fingers and hands away from dangerous pinch or crush points
  • MULTI-GRAB IV comes in various lengths!
  • Precision CNC aluminium manufacturing
  • Over 500 LBS of magnetic pull force!
  • Easy to attach almost anywhere
  • Costs way less than an accident or ER visit
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Move, position and lift steel parts, pieces and assemblies
  • Suspended load control operations
  • Move and position steel sheet metal
  • Lift and carry steel parts and pieces
  • Lift and pull up small steel covers and lids
  • Position and hold steel parts for welding or assembly
  • Grab, drag and carry steel parts and pieces
  • Use in laser cutting, plasma cutting and water jetting operations
  • Use in steel manufacturing and fabrication operations
  • Use in steel building and structure fabrication and construction
  • Do not lift more than 60 LBS (27 KG)
  • The possibilities are many...

MULTI-GRAB is a multi-purpose, multi-use magnetic no touch safety tool with many uses and applications. It is a perfect choice for steel fabrication shops, steel mills, machine shops, manufacturing and many other industries. The MULTI-GRAB IV now comes in many lengths for more options when working with suspended loads.

no-touch magnetic material handling magnet lifting, holding and positioning

MULTI-GRAB is offered in 3 models to choose from: MULTI-GRAB II (non-locking, higher pivot point) and MULTI-GRAB III (locking, higher pivot point) and the NEW MULTI-GRAB IV (EZ lever release, low pivot point, multiple lengths to choose from). The MULTI-GRAB III has a custom designed stainless steel spring locking pin that can be disengaged and placed in a detent so that the handle pivots 180° or can be locked in the straight position. This gives the MULTI-GRAB III model a wider range of usage and possibilities. The MULTI-GRAB IV offers the innovative EZ Lever Release function and many different lengths to choose from. This makes it super easy to release or disengage from steel parts and objects. The MULTI-GRAB IV also has a lower pivot point (where the push/pull force is applied to the magnet) that makes it a much better choice for pushing, pulling, moving, dragging and positioning steel parts and pieces. The MULTI-GRAB IV is also a GREAT CHOICE for suspended load control as it allows the user to be in almost any position in relation to the suspended load and achieve a solid magnetic grip and control.

MULTI-GRAB products are currently used in a wide variety of industries and are instrumental in keeping employees hands and fingers away from dangerous crush and pinch points in many operations. MULTI-GRAB products are are tough and durable and can last years. They are lightweight and compact so they will go and fit just about anywhere. The magnet produces just over 500 LBS of pull force or grip strength! We do not recommended lifting more than 60 LBS by human power for safety reasons. MULTI-GRAB tools are industrial grade magnetic hand safety tools ready for the challenging work you do, the possibilities are endless.

MULTI-GRAB is up for the challenging work you do! MULTI-GRAB tools help keep your employees hands away from crush, pinch and cut hazards without losing the ability to precisely control a suspended load.

no-touch magnetic material handling magnet lifting, holding and positioning, hands off load control magnet, push pull magnet tool

Which MULTI-GRAB is right for you?

With 3 models to choose from, each with a magnet that produces over 500 LBS of vertical pull force. MULTI-GRAB hand tools are well suited to help keep employees hands away from dangerous pinch and crush points. Perfect for moving, dragging and positioning heavy, sharp steel parts, drop, scrap and assemblies. MULTI-GRAB also provides a safer way to lift and carry steel scrap, drop and cut pieces. MULTI-GRAB tools can also be used for positioning suspended loads. The MULTI-GRAB line of magnetic hand safety tools find a wide range of use in the following operations; welding, plasma cutting, steel fabrication, steel plants, water jetting, suspended load control, lifting/removing and much more.
MULTI-GRAB II magnetic material handling, suspended load control, part holding, lifting and holding hand safety tools
  • Rotates 360°
  • Pivots 180°
  • Higher Pivot Point
  • Lift
  • Gide/Position
  • Hold
MULTI-GRAB III magnetic material handling, suspended load control, part holding, lifting and holding hand safety tools
  • Rotates 360°
  • Pivots 180°
  • Or Locks Strait
  • Higher Pivot Point
  • Lift
  • Gide/Position
  • Hold
MULTI-GRAB IV magnetic material handling, part holding, lifting, holding and positioning hand safety tools
  • Rotates 360°
  • Pivots 112°
  • EZ Lever Release
  • Multiple length options!
  • Low Pivot Point
  • Push/Pull
  • Lift
  • Gide/Position
  • Hold

Why Should Your Company Use MULTI-GRAB

Safety is the number one reason! When your employees are working with potentially dangerous equipment, parts or in work areas where finger and hand injury potential exists, you need a hand safety tool. The MULTI-GRAB is strong, durable, versatile, easy to use, light weight and super strong and it goes where you don't want to put your fingers or hands. A hand safety tool can be replaced, and employees fingers, hands and quality of life cannot.

Keeping workers safe and productive is critically important. MULTI-GRAB II, III and IV is small, fits almost anywhere, deploys in seconds and can be utilized in so many ways to keep production and your business moving forward. MULTI-GRAB is an extremely cost effective no-touch magnetic hand safety tool.